curriculum vitae & references

Micah T. Lewin
Instructor (Limited Term), Perimeter College, Georgia State University
Metro Atlanta, Georgia

Areas of Specialization:      (Meta)metaphysics, Political Philosophy, Ethics, Kant’s Ethics,
                                                       Philosophy of Language, Kantian Ethics, Moral Psychology, Habermas

 AREAS OF COMPETENCE:          Philosophy of Law, Metaethics, Bioethics, Kant, Logic, Modal Logic, Neurophilosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Frankfurt School,
Adorno, 19th Century German Philosophy, Fichte, Hegel, World Religions 


Stanford University, Stanford, California
Ph.D. in Philosophy                                                                                                            2016
Dissertation: “Recovering a Kantian Analytic/Synthetic Distinction through Incompatibility”
Committee: Kenneth Taylor (Chair), Alexis Burgess, Mark Crimmins, Krista Lawlor, &
R. Lanier Anderson (Reader)

M.A. in Philosophy                                                                                                              2015
Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
A.B. magna cum laude in Philosophy                                                                              2003
Honors Thesis: “Substance and Procedure in Rawls's Political Theory: A Response
to the Objections of Nozick and Habermas”
Advisor: T. M. Scanlon


Georgia State University, Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning, Atlanta, Georgia
Certificate of Achievement, Mastering Online Teaching                                                May 2017
For exemplary achievement & mastery of the concepts for effective online instruction.

Certificate of Completion, Mastering Accessibility: The Faculty Role                        March 2017
Mastery of concepts/tools for developing & delivering accessible instructional content.


Limited-Term Instructor (formerly Adjunct Instructor), Perimeter College, Georgia State University (formerly Georgia Perimeter College)
Developed course syllabi, structure, instructional material, and readings.  Tutored and mentored students during office hours.  Responsible for all instruction, lecturing, and grading. 
Responsible for all lecturing and grading.
Philosophy 2010, Survey of Philosophical Thought                                                      2017,2016, 2015, 2014
Philosophy 2020, Logic and Critical Thinking                                                                 2016, 2015
Philosophy 1010, Critical Thinking                                                                                   2017, 2016
Religious Studies 1301/2001, World Religions                                                               2017, 2016, 2015, 2014

Teaching Assistant, Stanford University                                                                           
Led in-depth discussion sections, guest lectured, held office hours, and graded term papers and assignments.  
Responsible for determining final grades of students.
Philosophy 175, Philosophy of Law (Prof. Michael Bratman)                                      2009, 2007
Philosophy 78, Medical Ethics (Prof. Agnieszka Jaworska)                                           2008
Philosophy 170, Ethical Theory (Prof. Agnieszka Jaworska)                                         2007
Philosophy 100, Ancient Greek Philosophy (Prof. Christopher Bobonich)                2006

Contributor of five articles to The Cambridge Rawls Lexicon                                     2012
Jon Mandle and David Reidy, eds. (Cambridge University Press, 2015)
“Liberalism, Political”, “Liberalism, Comprehensive”, “Justice, Liberal Conception of,” 
“Justice, Political Conception of”, “Culture, Political vs. Background”

The Everyday and the Ontological                                                                                   2011
Department Oral Exam, Stanford University                                                                  

Delimiting a Class of Potentially-Ontological Expressions                                           2010
Presentation to the Department of Philosophy, Stanford University   
What is Metametaphysics                                                                                               2010
Presentation to The Dualist, Stanford Undergraduate Philosophy Journal
The Insights of Political Reciprocity: On the Cognitive Status of Rawls’s
“Political Liberalism”                                                                                                   2009
Presentation to the Philosophy Graduate Student Workshop
Getting Serious about Sincerity: What is the Question?                                               2007
Presentation to the Philosophy Graduate Student Workshop


Chair, Colloquium on "On the Evolutionary Debunking of Morality”                         2010
Pacific Division Meeting of the American Philosophy Association                           

Member, Stanford Philosophy Ethics Faculty Search Committee                              2007 – 2008
Selected by the faculty to serve on this search for a junior ethics hire.  Reviewed files, 
helped narrow field of candidates, & actively contributed to questions in interviews.

Graduate Student Representative to Stanford Philosophy Faculty Meetings          2007 – 2008
Served as an elected representative of the graduate students to department faculty
Coordinator, Philosophy Graduate Student Workshop                                               2006 – 2007
Commentator, Alistair Isaac’s
“God, Failing to Emerge, Nevertheless Perseveres”                                                      2005
Mind, Emergence, and Deity Conference, Stanford University                                 
Member, Bay Area Feminism and Philosophy Workshop (BayFAP)                           2005 – 2009


Morris M. Doyle Fellowship (For academic promise at Stanford)                               2006 – 2007

Thomas Temple Hoopes Prize ($2,500 For Senior Honors Thesis at Harvard)         2003

John Harvard Scholarships (For highest group academic record)                              2000 – 2003

Harvard Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Dean’s Summer Research Grant                       2002

Harvard College Research Grant                                                                                      2002

Philip Lehner Scholar Award (For achievements at Harvard)                                      2000

List of References
Alphabetical by Last Name

Robert B. Brandom
Distinguished Professor of Philosophy
University of Pittsburgh

Teaching Reference:
Michael Bratman
U. G. and Abbie Birch Durfee Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences
Professor of Philosophy
Stanford University

Alexis Burgess
Formerly Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Stanford University
Los Angeles, CA

Joshua Cohen
Marta Sutton Weeks Professor of Ethics in Society
Professor of Political Science, Philosophy and Law, Emeritus
Stanford University / Now at Apple, Inc.

Mark Crimmins
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Stanford University

Tamar Schapiro
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Kenneth A. Taylor
Henry Waldgrave Stuart Professor of Philosophy
Stanford University