Do I research?  I do research. 

dissertation abstract

research agenda: political philosophy

research agenda: metametaphysics

some working papers:
draft pdfs, coming soon

here are some miscellaneous notes and resources in the form of papers

political philosophy:
· How are the Rights of Noncitizens Related to Democracy? A Problem for Understanding Liberties of the Moderns as Intrinsic to Democracy

· The Insights of Political Reciprocity: On the Cognitive Status of Rawls’s “Political Liberalism”

· Understanding and Institutionalizing the Underpinnings of Political Ethos and Civic Trust in a Deliberative Democracy

· Racists, Sexists, and Other Bigots: Conceptualizing and Institutionally Countering Systemic Sources of Distrust, Dehumanization, and Mistreatment in a Democratic Society

metametaphysics, philosophy of language, modal logic, kant, & etc.:
· What Are We Distinguishing When We Divide Between the Analytic from the Synthetic?

· Understanding What “is real” to “exist” in the Everyday: Metaphysically Neutral, Meager Semantics for Delimiting a Class of Categorical Ontological Expressions

· Matching the Expressive Power of Kripke Semantics without Possible Worlds: Revising and Extending Brandom’s Incompatibility Semantics to Capture Modal Logics Beyond S5

· The Poverty of Emphasizing Conceptual Hierarchies: Insights of Kant’s Analytic/Synthetic Distinction Beyond R. Lanier Anderson’s Focus on the Meager Resources of Rationalist Logic

· Taming Michael Thompson’s “Natural Historical Judgments”: Claims of What is Not Uncharacteristic and Nonmonotonic Counterfactual Conditionals as Formal Modal Complements

· Quantifiers as a Species of a Larger Genus: Quantificational Generality versus Schematic Generality